The Situation: You're driving in a 55 mph zone when suddenly an officer stops and gives you an erroneous speeding ticket for driving at 75 mph. This represents a 20 mph excess of the posted speed limit.

The Outcome: For such a violation, you could receive 3 points on your driver's license. At this rate, your insurance company can (and almost definitely will) charge you an additional $250.00 for each point assessed against your driver's license - for a total of $750.00!

It's not over yet: You will now have to pay the surcharge amount of $750.00 per year, for the next three years, or $2,250.00 in total. And this is only taking the insurance company into account. Additionally, you still have to pay the cost of the actual speeding ticket, which can cost in excess of $100.00.

Our Solution: It just doesn't pay to be unjustly ticketed. After buying The Myths Governing Radar Detection Pleas, you will have the complete knowledge to avoid these mishaps, and save yourself far more money than the small price of this incredible system.

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